Francisco Manrique and Gary Verow, Hudson News, Jules Peimer

Cliff Sperber, Exec. Director NY Road Runners Foundation

Francisco Manrique, Gary Verow, Eliot & Saundra Halberstam, guests and Jules Peimer

Jeremy Copas and Peter Thorne from WPIX Channel

FDNY Deputy Commissioner Frank Cruthers, Monisgnor John Delendick FDNY, FDNY Chief Salvatore Cassano, Teresa Cassano, Vivian Velez

Joe & Loretta Cocchiara, Kenneth Scott and Corey Neu

Tazzime and Babu Khalfan with sons Haz and Mohammad

Rabbi Joseph Potasnik, FDNY Chaplin & NY Board of Rabbis

Peter Thorne, WPIX Channel 11 and Jerry Scott on piano

            Dr. Ira Eliasoph - Esteemed Ophthalmologist at Mt. Sinai Hospital and Foundation Staff Doctor Salvatore Cassano, Chief of Operations FDNY

Guest Speakers:
            William Dobrow, AAMS - Associate VP of a major Wall St. Firm and Financial Advisor to The Eve Fenton Love-All Foundation, Inc.
            Peter Thorne, WPIX News Anchor
            Dr. Angelo Gimondo,
                        President and Chairman of the Italian Heritage and Cultural Month Committee and Foundation Consultant
            Monsignor John Delendick, Chaplain FDNY - Benediction
            Rabbi Joseph Potasnik, NY Board of Rabbis and Chaplain FDNY - Benediction
            Frank Cruthers, Deputy Commissioner FDNY
            Vicki Fenton - Songs of Love for our Valentine's Day Event
            Rena Isbin - Acclaimed Violinist
            Jerry Scott - The Dean of New York Piano Bar Entertainers
            Elena Malfitano - Soprano Vocalist
            Joel Landy - An Empowering Singer and Storyteller
            Jason Rowland - A Roving Magician from Entertain-O-Grams

Valued Sponsors:
            Upper Class Collectibles - In a Class of Its Own!
                        Evan Lamanna, Chris Vereb, and acclaimed artist Bill Lopa
            Great Wines International - Renowned Distributor of Distinctive Wines
                        Guy Scarpelli
            Signs and Decal - A Kaleidoscope of Specialties Done with a Flair!
                        Mr. & Mrs. Babu Khalfan and sons
Special Guests:
            Jeremy Copas, WPIX Executive
            Jules Peimer, Publicist
            Saundra & Elliot Halberstam, Clinton Chronicle
            Demetria Daniels, Foundation Reporter        
            Judy Schiller, Foundation Photographer
            June Kosloff, Foundation Videographer
            Francisco Manrique, Foundation Public Relations
            Gary Verow, Media
            Cliff Sperber, Executive Director of the New York Road Runners Foundation

Major Players Attending from The Eve Fenton Love-All Foundation:
            Vicki Fenton, President and Founder
            Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Cocchiara
            Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Scott Neu           
            Helen Day
            William Dobrow
            Neil Collins, our valued and great Webmaster from Web Solutions MD

Additional Sponsors - providers of goods and services for the event:
            Matles Florist
            Delancey Dessert Co.
            Alpha Engraving Company
            The New Jersey Devils
            City Knickerbocker, Inc.
            Jonevon Furs
            Ruthie's Bakery

Birthday Wishes:
            Vicki Fenton
            Kathryn Kienke
            Ruthie Rotkevitz, from our sponsor Ruthie's Bakery
            Rene Ivler
            Dr. Angelo Gimondo
            Gladys Cardenas
            Ercelia Carela
            Sofia Aflan, age 5 (Dr. Aron's granddaughter)
            Mailani Ruiz, age 1
            Johnsie Cruz-Walcott
            Tali Benhamou, from our sponsor Matles Floral Studio


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