The "Enrichment" services concept will be to implement a program dedicated to diversified services and referrals. Our method and approach will be a comprehensive program by placing into proper perspective a budgeted framework for all services and goods with the strategic and basic philosophy of a better and maximum quality of life.

Services shall include, but should not be considered limited to expansion of an existing school, clinic and community organization for the disabled children, enrichment programs, referrals and a quality staff established to implement said service with innovative and intensive techniques.

In essence, our diversified programs will offer a kaleidoscope of ideas that involve a progressive new dimension by being individually tailored to fit the needs of each and every child. The key to success is the perseverance of monumental excellence.

The Fine Arts Program will encompass the following programs :

•  Sculpture Technique - by a professor.

  1. The techniques of stone and clay.
  2. Learning Geography, Geology and Archaeology
  3. An innovation within a child's mind.

•  Speech Presentation - by an expert in the area of Theatrical Dimensions.

•  TV monitors and cameras

  1. Self-confidence - introverts turn the next page extroverts.
  2. Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts will work in concert with our Advisory Board Director, who is the president of the Italian Heritage and Cultural Committee.

•  Music Therapy/Appreciation - by an expert who has taught disabled children.

•  Future endeavors - a recording artist to develop the vocal cords via singing lessons.

•  Dance Therapy/Appreciation.

•  Flamenco Dance by an expert who has experience with disabled children.

•  Radio City Music Hall Rockette - expertise to teach dance; excellent credentials.

•  Art Education by a professor.

•  History of Art

  1. Sketching, painting, etc.

•  Photography - should be defined as an art. All film techniques including Digital Photography.

•  Language - the foreign language and proper speech should be defined as an art.

•  Several languages will be included in our diversified curriculum. Please note that we are negotiating with the Alliance Francaise to have the children taught the art of speaking fluent French. France gifted the Statue of Liberty to the United States. An important part of New York History.


1. The 3R's for all age groups including the 4 th R - Respect.

2. Computer Education - a computer expert will educate the children.

3. Nutritional Education

A. Nutritional team - board certified dietitian and a chef from a well-known restaurant.

B. Board certified Dietitian will educate the children on nutrition and review daily menus

and program balanced diets.

4. Physical Education/Therapy by a Board Certified Medical Doctor.

5. Medical Care and Health - well established doctor working with a medical team. There will be scheduled visits by diversified doctors to ensure a healthier journey through life.

6. Environmental and personal hygiene.

7. Fieldtrips - to broaden the scope of New York history. New York is a wonderful town and must be appreciated by one and all. Additionally, giving a breath of oxygen to a child's brain is tantamount to expanding a youngster's exaltation and level of imagination.

8. Social Worker for referrals .