April 9, 2008

Our Third Annual Runathon was held on Thursday, April 3, 2008.  This event was a very special event that showcased the programs of the New York Road Runners Foundation by placing our future generation in physical good health and success level from the very young to middle school age.  

 The first event was on March 24, 2006 and reflected a pack of eager beaver roadrunners enjoying an outreach runathon with vim and vigor.  The highlights of this runathon were the presentation of a trophy of excellence and a well-deserved pizza party that followed the runathon.  Nakia Alston, Executive Assistant/Administrative Coordinator and Rick Hoffman, Youth Event Administrator and Training Coordinator, with Mohamed Khalfan from one of our Dream Team sponsors, Signs and Decal, orchestrated a dynamic event.  Vicki Fenton gave an upbeat, inspirational talk to the children that ran for kids in need and made sure that the Foundation promise of commitment would conclude with a successful event.  Additionally, Vicki advised them that "Determination is the gateway to success." TM  Furthermore, they must pursue their goals to succeed.

 At the conclusion of the day, a little munchkin of three years of age, by the name of Maria stated, "Thank you very, very much for these events."  What a great way to end the day with glory.

An overwhelming thank you to our sponsors: The Bread Factory located at 935 8th Ave., D'Agostino's Supermarket, Delancey Dessert Company, Glenn Foods, Guantanamera Restaurant, Quaker Oats, Ray's Pizza located at 1710 Broadway, Staples, Tropicana, Trattoria Dopo Teatro, Eloy from The Bread Factory, Saiid and his sons from Ray's Pizza helped to make this a culinary delight for the New York Road Runners Foundation and their team of runners and administrators.  Richard McDonald, dispatcher for a prestigious car service, assisted with the cost of transportation.