November 30, 2007

        On Saturday, September 29, 2007, the Eve Fenton Love-All Foundation hosted the second annual Hayden Plantarium event. Eve Fenton asserted, "Reach for a star and you will be blessed with a galaxy." TM Well, mama Eve, your prophetic words were a reality show at this event. The children were very intent on learning about the dinosaurs and prehistoric history. Our tour guides Andrew Epstein and Eileen Flood showered the children with wisdom. Excitement and delight filled the room with each and every encounter. The tour guides bonded well with these eager little beavers.

        The crescendo of excitement hit its peak when we entered the planetarium. The children and young adults walked around the area exploring, learning and enjoying a memorable day. The elements of this day set brain waves for these children to ascend to a future success plateau. Last and most important, great snacks, drinks and favors were handed out to our hungry future generation.

        Thank you to our sponsors: D'Agostino's, Delancey Dessert Company, Fuji, Inc., Glenn Foods, Gristedes, Principle Business Systems, Staples, Tropicana Juices. Our dream team chapter members, Edwin Jiminez, with his three beautiful daughters, Julissa, age 9, Deja, age 6 and Eisha, age 4 and Norell Thomas with her little princess Janell, age 6, deserve a special thank you for their outstanding work.

        This special event proves that if we all stand together as one the world would be a better place.