December 15, 2006

        The calendar year of 2006 turned out to be the most memorable occasion for many underprivileged high school students. They enjoyed the golden opportunity of a Financial Literacy Outreach Program at the New York Stock Exchange on December 12, 2006. The Director of Education of the New York Stock Exchange, Murray Teitelbaum, an expert and economic intellectual, presented the Frederick Douglass Academy VI students and their teacher, Eric Stein, with a period of enlightenment on the history and fundamentals regarding the financial climate within the realm of success. The settling for this awesome event in the sixth floor conference room with all the manifestations of grandeur included a estimated twenty-five foot high ceiling, a huge oak table, leather reclining swivel chairs and portraits of past presidents of the New York Stock Exchange. This picturesque view set the tone for a first class meeting of students and mentor, Mr. Teitelbaum, who downloaded a forty-five minute seminar on the general background and the new dimensional aspects of the Exchange.

         Another incentive that was added to this exciting event was the challenge of applying for a position at the Exchange. Thereafter, a pizza party with other refreshments was provided for one and all. The party acted as a catalyst to energize the students. Our very own financial advisor, William Dobrow, (Bill, as we affectionately call him), delivered a few challenging questions to the students. One of which was to write down ten goals for the New Year and where you plan to be one year from today. Next on the agenda was a tour of the sixth floor private member gallery. Students witnessed the ringing of the bell and met Susan Lesovich, of CNN. Both CNN and CNBC broadcast the happenings of the day at the Exchange. Susan asked the students a few questions and there was an educational exchange of words.

          Financial literacy is a fundamental to our future generation. A big thank you to Murray Teitelbaum and William Dobrow for a head start Financial Literacy Outreach Program delivered to our future generation. Thanks are also extended to Cliff Sperber, Executive Director of the New York Road Runners for providing us with the students chosen for this Financial Literacy Program. We make a difference by turning financial illiteracy into a pattern and practice of financial literacy as a new dimension for a successful, upcoming society.