October 29, 2006

October 29, 2006

On October 29, 2006, The Eve Fenton Love-All Foundation navigated their Inspirational Vision TM on an eleventh event journey at Ronald McDonald House for children and young adults afflicted with cancer. The afternoon's event opened our good will appearance to children's laughter and over-brimming joy.

Our Foundation presented a multi-faceted event with the best gourmet food in town, including treats from a popcorn machine, cotton candy, special chocolates and scrumptious desserts. The award-winning caricaturist, Joe Indart, made the children smile which was indicated by the glow of delight in their eyes. Our great Joel Landy, sang and played his guitar, giving a very upbeat tone to one and all. The three young violinists dressed in very innovative costumes enthralled the audience with their artistic capabilities and their teacher, the renowned Kathryn Kienke, accompanied them.

Thank you to our valued sponsors, who not only gave us a multitude of donations for this event, but also walked the humanitarian road by giving from their loving hearts. Last and very noteworthy, Daniel and Patricia Corrar, provided not only a popcorn machine but also fun and games with Elmo and Barney. The event was summed up by the CEO and President of RMH, William Sullivan, with his question, "How quickly can we get you back again? My staff stated that your event was one of the greatest they had ever seen. " My response was, "on Feb.5, 2007 our Valentine's Day event will take place at Ronald McDonald House." This day will be placed on a pedestal of love to be centered on our children. All events are guaranteed to be memorable. "Determination is the gateway to success," ™ by Vicki Fenton.

October 29, 2006 Fall Harvest Event

Valued Sponsors:

D'Agostino Supermarket
Delancey Dessert Co.
Bagel Stix
The Pork Store
DNL Entertainment
Principle Business Enterprises
Fuji Film
Berta 67
Serendipity 3
National Hockey League
Stiles Farmers Market


Joe Indart
award winner and master caricaturist.

Kathryn Kienke

accompanied by 3 enchanting young violinists.

Joel Landy
composer, vocalist, and guitar player. Our theme song,
"Anyone Can Do It," by Joel Landy on our web site.

Elmo, Barney and a clown
provided by Patricia and Daniel Corrar