October 31, 2013


The Eve Fenton Love-All Foundation, Inc.
Grand Central Station
P.O. Box 1258
New York, NY 10163

      On this very special day of brotherhood and thank you for our blessings, the Even Fenton Love-All Foundation hosted a memorable event at PS 111 in Manhattan on October 31, 2013, for the students and their parents. The FDNY and their mascot, Hot Dog, helped make this event, as always, a joyous occasion for one and all; the comedian, Bob Greenberg, mister spontaneous combustion, brought laughter and joy to all the guests. Helmet Viloria, our videographer and photographer, captured the memories and was assisted with the photography by one of the school staff, Wanda Watson. They captured the moments of a great event.

Allen Kim (FedEx) attended with a donation from the FedEx staff. Notwithstanding, our proud, valued sponsors created a banquet of food fit for aristocracy. These great sponsors included Whole Foods, with picturesque platters of organic veggies, fruits, turkey and more; Carmines donated a once in a lifetime taste of chicken wings, salads, and baked ziti; Cascade Bakery donated a delectable tray of cookies; Siggi’s donated organic yogurts; Seasons Market donated tuna salad and cold slaw and rugalach; and thank you to The Bread Factory for the great pizza’s, made with tender loving care. The gifts that were given to the attentive students came from the FDNY and the New York Yankees.

The Eve Fenton Love-All Foundation outreach programs are state of the art events synonymous with excellence. Our Foundation has provided a vanguard of innovative and superlative outreach programs navigating a catalyst to ultimate success for kids in need and kids with special needs. To quote my beloved mother, Eve Fenton, “Reach for a star and you will be blessed with a galaxy." ™

Thank you!

Cliff Sperber

Vicki Fenton
CEO & President