March 12, 2009


The Eve Fenton Love-All Foundation, Inc.
Grand Central Station
P.O. Box 1258
New York, NY 10163

     On Thursday, March 12, 2009, The Eve Fenton Love-All Foundation hosted a memorable event at the Mount Sinai Hall Family Center for Pediatric Endocrinology & Diabetes. The ages ranged from cradle to young adults. Each child received a basket of loving gifts. Joy and laughter walked on the sunshine avenue to the pinnacle of success. The FDNY brought Hot Dog to the party, making all the children navigate on a magic carpet 

            Dr. Rapaport, an esteemed physician and Director of Pediatric Endocrinology & Diabetes and part of our Foundation’s great medical staff, received a Merit of Achievement Award from our Foundation as being a humanitarian with the expertise of a well established physician in this time zone.  Dr. Alan M. Aron, Director of Pediatric Neurology and our Executive Medical Director, received a Proclamation (Citation) of Honor from Governor David Paterson via the Eve Fenton Foundation.  Our Foundation is blessed by the Celestial Body for our future generation with a team of physicians that cannot be surpassed.  

            The FDNY is known as the best and they were truly the best with their expertise to present a memorable occasion to one and all.  A thank you is extended to Andrea and Roberto Cannizo for their expertise in photography and their volunteering time away from their own business.  Thank you to our new sponsors: Siggi’s Yogurt, Maurice DuBois Caterers, V Sandwich Bar, Duane Reade, Verizon, Borghese, Dior, Diane von Furstenberg, Judith Leiber Company, Prada. 

Another big thank you to:

Avanti Nails & Spa - nails and spa on the right avenue
Azucar/Guantanamera Restaurant - a lively restaurant with great food
Bamboo 52 - the restaurant and bar for the upbeat in-crowd
Borghese - the aristocrat of cosmetics with the artistic touch
Bread Factory 935 8th Avenue - the gourmet incentive with the magical touch
Broadway Comedy Club - laughter is the best medicine
Bulova Watch Company the right time for one and all
Caché - prestigious and deluxe fashions with a flair
Cascina Ristorante - a visit to Italy is not necessary after eating here
Chase Bank - you always have a friend at Chase
D'Agostino's - a caring supermarket for kids in need
Delancey Dessert Company - unbeatable for desserts
Diane von Furstenberg the pinnacle of fashion with the aristocratic flavor
Dior the French cosmetic of style and grace
Duane Reade first and foremost, the best in New York
Elizabeth Arden - great cosmetics, toiletries and a beautiful handbag for one of our mothers
Fuji Film - always reflect a good image
Gristedes - a special supermarket that extends a helping hand
Judith Leiber synonymous with elegance
Judith Ripka - a fashion designer of fine jewelry that stands out as a great dynamic humanitarian
Lilly Pulitzera deluxe fashion delight
Lord & Taylor - a kaleidoscope of deluxe items from a prestigious store
M&S Jewelry Manufacturing - proof that diamonds are a girl's best friend
Matt's Grill - St. Patrick's Day 365 days a year
Nail Stage 915 8th Avenue- the artistic flair of producing beautiful hands with professional care
Natural Gourmet Institute - organic and healthy food for one and all
New Jersey Devils - an award winning hockey team
New York Tennis & Racquet Club - a prestigious health club
PepsiCola - support in all endeavors
Pepsi Bottling Company of NY - always uplifting and satisfaction to all
Pilo Arts - a great company with a heart of gold
Prada perfection at its best
Principle Business Systems - providing satisfactory pleasure to one's feet
Quaker Oats - a well established company that stands by nutrition and wellness
Richard McDonald - a man with a golden heart
Sephora - a better appearance with products by Sephora
Siggi’s Yogurt a nutritional delight
Signs and Decal - a company with a heart of gold
Staples - a great store with items for all needs
Stiles Farmers Marketthe nutritional love of your life
Time Sports International/NY Sports Club - the way to stay fit and healthy
Tropicana - a nutritious drink for one and all
V Sandwich Bar a 2009 culinary delight
Verizon the global giant with a gigantic heart of gold
Very Good Things - the title speaks for itself

           The Inspirational Vision came to Vicki when a five year old girl, eating a yogurt and taking a picture with FDNY’s Hot Dog asserted, “When will you do this again? I am having fun,” and then concluded, “I love you.” “Reach for a star and you will be blessed with a galaxy.”TM Since love makes the world go around, let us all join in to a humanitarian endeavor for kids in need.

           “Reach for a star and you will be blessed with a galaxy.”TM Since love makes the world go around, let us all join in to a humanitarian endeavor for kids in need


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Vicki Fenton, CEO & President