May 21, 2007

       On Sunday May 20, 2007, The Eve Fenton Love-All Foundation hosted a Post-Mother's Day Event held at the prestigious Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of New York Presbyterian.  This sunshine day was written in the book as a day of joy and laughter and concluding with happiness ever after.  Festivities, gourmet food and great entertainment brought an instantaneous glow to the eyes of each and every child.  Children that were not feeling well had spontaneous recoveries with only the glow of happiness reflected in their eyes. 

       Our Foundation has set guidelines for dynamic events.  A successful event is a key to a healthier attitude producing a better today, tomorrow and always.  All the mothers and children had upbeat attitudes with the great entertainment, gourmet delectable food, a variety of drinks, organic salads, mouthwatering desserts and decorative surroundings.  Gifts for the mothers brought excitement to the room.  Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer sent a Proclamation of Honor (the second Proclamation within three months) to The Eve Fenton Love-All Foundation.  Our Foundation is proud that we were afforded the opportunity to honor these remarkable hero mothers.  They are the miracle of humanity. 

       In essence, a special thank you to Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital for their red carpet treatment to one and all.  Our valued sponsors, dynamic entertainers and our best governmental department, the FDNY, all walked the humanitarian road to the ultimate goal of success. 

Our valued sponsors include:

ABM Janitorial Company

Delancy Dessert Company



Ferrara Bakery & Café


Bagel Sticks/Pick A Bagel

Fuji Film

Principal Business Systems

Cascina Ristorante

Natural Gourmet Institute

Victor's Café

D'Agostino's Supermarkets




Joel Landy & his lovely wife, Takako
Eric McMiller
Deshai Williams

       The most touching moment for Vicki came when she spoke to one of the mothers and Vicki concluded by saying, "Your child will have a return of full health and next year you will be invited as guests, not patients of the hospital, " and the mother started to cry which was a very poignant scene.  Vicki told her that Mama Eve will see to it that her child's health will go to a success level.  This divine mother came from Canada and I know in my heart that this child will be well by next year, with the great, state of the art medical attention from Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital.