February 23,2007

        The Cupid Intrepid Missile landed at Ronald McDonald House on Monday, February 5, 2007. Children and young adults battling cancer had a gleam in their eyes and love in their hearts by all the memorable festivities of this cupid occasion. The room was filled with good listeners to the upbeat music and songs by our own Joel Landy. The popcorn machine and all that gourmet food made this an over brimming evening, especially to weight watchers.

        Vicki Fenton and the Dream Team Staff of the Eve Fenton Foundation, our Foundation Advisory Chairman and Advisory members and entertainers administered the great event. Vicki made a few delicious salads to be enjoyed with the delectable food. The desserts were a culinary delight. Helen Day helped Vicki as a great hostess for all those children who needed a helping hand with their selection of gourmet treats. Luis Caravella pressed the right button on the camera to come up with award winning photography.

        Our entertainer, Joel Landy, gave a command performance with his singing and guitar. Thank you to Pat Corrar for the clown, popcorn machine and vendor, which were enjoyed by one and all. Principal Linda Alfred from the Frederick Douglass Academy VI provided warmth with her personality. Mr. & Mrs. Khalfan from Signs and Decal Corp. provided our Foundation with their never-ending humanitarian love for our future generation.

        A letter of best wishes from Governor Spitzer was sent to the Eve Fenton Love-All Foundation and read by Vicki. After this spellbinding moment, Vicki told her captive young audience about her never-ending determination to find a cure for cancer and other diseases in her lifetime.

        The best part of the evening came when a patient's mother asserted to Vicki Fenton, "You're the true definition of a humanitarian. You did not have a prepared speech in front of you, you stated those divine words from your heart." Those inspirational words gave Vicki hope for the future. A 2 1/2 year old danced up a storm to Joel Landy's music. She then strutted over to Vicki and said, "Vicki, you are the best." Wow! What a feeling of success from a memorable occasion! In essence, Cupid brought love and the galaxy of stars to an illuminating evening. The Eve Fenton Love-All Foundation is known as the fastest growing foundation in the United States due to fourteen events in one year and a never-ending list of valued and proud sponsors.

A special thank you to the following proud and valued sponsors for this Valentine's Event:

Alpha Engraving    Glenn Foods    Signs and Decal
Cascina Ristorante    Gristedes    Stage Door Deli
D'Agostino's    National Hockey League    Strada 57
Delancy Dessert Company    Pick-A-Bagel    UPS
DNL Entertainment    Principal Business Enterprises    UPS Stores
Fuji Film    Quaker Oats    Bank - Private Donor