December 16, 2014

     On Tuesday, December 16, 2014, the Eve Fenton Love-All Foundation sponsored a Holiday Event at the Kravis Children’s Hospital at Mt. Sinai, in Manhattan.

     The children and their families reflected the joy and laughter of the season with gourmet delights and gifts reflecting the happiness of the season.

     Thank you to the great Mt. Sinai Hospital staff for their expert supervision and coordination in presenting an award winning holiday event. Tori Levine and Michelle Sousher deserve many kudos and accolades for their expertise and star studded holiday program.

     A gigantic thank you to Joe Bae, an administrator for the Amalgamated Bank, for his humanitarian effort delivering some of the items and gourmet treats on behalf of our Foundation to the hospital in very inclement weather. Wow! What a super special gentleman. A recording of our super special theme song, “Anyone Can Do It” by Joel Landy was played at the event. There were many guests that enjoyed the holiday celebration with many gifts and exceptional food. Thank you to our gourmet, state of the art food sponsors: Carmine’s with exceptional baked ziti; Tree House Catering with exceptional nutritional salads; Famous Famiglia with mouth watering pizzas; D’Agostino Supermarket; Gristedes Supermarket; Seasons Supermarket; the Kosher Marketplace; and gifts from Pillow Paws; the New York Yankees; FDNY; PepsiCola Company; and donations from several prestigious jewelry fashion houses, fragrance and cosmetic companies.

     To quote my beloved mother, Eve Fenton, “Reach for a star and you will be blessed with a galaxy.” TM In all programs, ‘Mission to Fruition.” TM

Thank you!

Cliff Sperber

Vicki Fenton
CEO & President