March 20, 2008

     Spring 2008. Baruch College Business Students and Magen David Yeshiva High School Honor Students under the supervision of Dr. Abe D. Tawil visit the NY Stock Exchange, now know as NYSE Euronext, thanks to the efforts of the Fenton Foundation.

     Visits to the Exchange are almost-unheard-of because of considerations amid ongoing and intensive national vigilance. Ever since 9/11, the New York Stock Exchange has been on heightened alert, and security has increased dramatically. No longer are there general public tours, although occasional accommodations are made for some academic institutions on a very limited basis. After undergoing security clearance in advance of their visit, as well as additional precautions prior to entering the building, students met with Murray Teitelbaum, Director of Education, for an 'Executive Briefing'. While acknowledging the educational value of classroom learning, visiting the stock exchange and observing financial markets on a national - and even global - scale offered a perspective seldom encountered. For many students, the trip expanded their knowledge base as well as validated that the education they received allowed them to hold and understand a conversation with a high-ranking professional at the New York Stock Exchange. Mr. Teitelbaum graciously received the students in the Board of Directors room, an impressive room with perhaps a 60-foot ceiling. There, he spoke about the NYSE, its history, function and operations, and how the exchange has been evolving into a global marketplace and how technology has complemented the way they do business. The students demonstrated and expanded their knowledge of markets and business in an 'edutaining' Q&A session. Later, the students viewed the trading floor, where they again they had the opportunity to ask many questions.