November 18, 2008

         On Tuesday, November 18, 2008, the Eve Fenton Love-All Foundation was blessed with a Charity Day at the Eastchester Lord & Taylor department store. The day held festivities and coupon discounts on all items that proved to be enormous and very special to one and all. My favorite department store is classified as a true and accurate definition of best humanitarian.

         Our Foundation honored Senior Vice President, Lavelle Olexa and Public Relations Representative Yana Berkovich with Merit of Achievement awards. Ms. Olexa’s outstanding dedication has placed her on a very high plateau in the realm of innovative charitable assistance to our future generation, etal. The PR department, with the competent workmanship of Yana, made this day memorable in sales and festivities to a beautiful New York community.

         A wonderful conclusion to a memorable day. Now, who can ask for anything more!!!