December 30, 2007

        This special fundraiser by young students was held on December 10, 2007. The Eve Fenton Love-All Foundation's twenty-sixth successful event, which showcased what the humanitarian façade of education is all about for academia. Thank you's are extended to Dr. Abe Tawil and Matt Vogel for their first attempt to start the ball rolling for disabled, indigent, minority children and children and young adults battling cancer. Our Baruch students are on fast track to walk the humanitarian road. Additionally, thank you's must be extended to our Dream Team sponsors for this event: Chipotle, Delancey Dessert Company, Gristedes and Fed-Ex Kinkos. In essence, I am proud of our future generation for the time and effort that produced a better world and place for the sake of humanity. Starting at the foundation of life, by our young energetic students, let us all take a lesson from our students to go forward for kids in need.