Mohammad Khalfan, Signs & Decal, Brian J. Schachter, Esq., Foundation CEO, Mark Palazzo, stockbroker, William Dobrow, Foundation Financial Advisor

Finish Line Party with NYRR Foundation team runners and Mohammad Khalfan

Ishmael, Jeannine Turchiano, Exec. Sales & Marketing, Duane Reade and baby daughter

Finish Line Party with Mohammad Khalfan, Signs & Decal

Finish Line Party with Mohammad Khalfan, Signs & Decal.

Finish Line Party, with Mohammad Khalfan and Brian J. Schachter

Brian J. Schachter, Esq. Foundation CEO, Cliff Sperber, NYRR Foundation Exec. Dir

I am taking this opportunity to thank all our valued sponsors and supporters that made our March 24, 2006 event a very special and newsworthy occasion. This acknowledgement includes all of New York and the tri-state area. The treats ranged from pizzas which were a mountain of culinary delight; energizer beverages enjoyed by the children; cameras, physical therapy socks, a great supermarket for their special snacks and many other special treats i.e. the Fire Department's unending support and devotion, with their display of a fire truck. Wow! This event took center stage as great, in and of itself.

On this very special March 24, 2006 day, we send a very big thank you to Mr. Cliff Sperber, executive director of the NYRR Foundation. He showcased his programs by our young generation's running the road to success. Working in concert on this event with Cliff ultimately shows that running hand in hand, a humanitarian mission is accomplished on fast track.

God bless you all for helping this mission accelerate towards our ultimate goal.

The sponsors were:
  • Beverage company (requested not to be named)
  • D'Agostino's Supermarkets
  • Fuji Film
  • Luigi's Pizzeria Restaurant, located at 910 8 th Avenue The Bread Factory at 935 8 th Avenue
  • NYC Fire Department
  • NYRR Foundation
  • Principle Business Enterprises, Inc.
  • Signs and Decal Corp
  • Quaker Oats

Thank you to all our great volunteers, who turned
this event into a great occasion.

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