December 22, 2006

        On December 18, 2006, The Eve Fenton Love-All Foundation sponsored a children's party at the Mt. Sinai Pediatric Clinic. Dr. Alan M. Aron, Director of Pediatric Neurology (our Foundation's executive Medical Director), along with Dr. Ira Eliasoph, renowned Mt. Sinai Ophthalmologist (our Foundation's ophthalmologist) and CEO and President Vicki Fenton administered the great event. The children enjoyed the spectacular festivities, including delectable food, a clown, Barney & Elmo, a caricaturist and, of course, cotton candy and enjoyable gifts. We cannot forget the great pasta, vegetable and fruit salads prepared by our founder, Vicki.

        The laughter and the joy became contagious. Only one drawback, the children had so much fun they requested to end the party at 8 PM instead of 5 PM. So a little cotton candy and energy bars saved the day. The stars in the galaxy were the children whose faces shone with delight.

        Thank you's are in order to our great and valued sponsors: Pick-A-Bagel, UPS, Signs and Decal, D'Agostino's, Gristedes, Joe Indart, Glennys, Delancy Dessert Company, Quaker Oats, Fuji Film, National Hockey League, Principal Business Enterprises, and Carolee Designs. A special thank you to Daniel and Patricia Corrar, whose last production is the greatest, a bouncing baby boy. This little prince will make history some day with his humanitarian parents.

        Let us all join in solidarity for our 2007, $2 Mill for Good Will TM Campaign. What a great outlook for our 2007 ascension to the Tower of Power TM Inspirational Vision TM. Our humanitarian staff, i.e. Helen Day, proved to be a great hostess, Mohammad Khalfan did a great job as photographer, along with attorney Jeff House. Being an attorney, Jeff made sure that proper order was held at the party but not in the courtroom on this very occasion. Our dream team made this holiday party one to remember for a very long time.