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December 16, 2008

An Annual Holiday of Miracles Event
By Vicki Fenton

         On Tuesday, December 16, 2008, the Eve Fenton Love-All foundation hosted a Holiday of Miracles Event at Mt. Sinai Pediatric Clinic. This celebration marked the Foundation’s fortieth event in three years, which included four Proclamations of Honor from top governmental officials in the month of December 2008, to add on to the six Proclamations from the Foundation’s established date. Additionally, we must place on record that the Mt. Sinai Director of Pediatric Neurology, Dr. Alan M. Aron (our Foundation’s Executive Medical Director) received a Proclamation of Honor from the Governor of the State of New York, David Paterson, marking five actual proclamations in the month of December for our Foundation. What a track record! Ten proclamations plus two for our esteemed doctors, making a grand total of twelve within a three year time frame.

         The Eve-A-Thon mobile and magic carpet brought gourmet delights from the best restaurants, drinks by the best companies, an overwhelming amount of gifts, treats and spectacular entertainment from the beginning to the last minute of the miracle day. The nutritional department was addressed by companies such as Siggi’s Yogurt, The Bread Factory 935 8th Ave., Carmine’s Restaurant 91st St. & Broadway, Domino’s Pizza, 111th St. & Lexington Ave., Leone’s Pizza at 52nd St. & Broadway, Delancey Dessert Company, D’Agostino’s Supermarket, Ruthie’s Bakery (what a cake!), PepsiCola Bottling Company, and more humanitarian sponsors. The gifts came from deluxe companies, with special attention to the number one drug store, Duane Reade.

         The entertainment began with our illustrious FDNY on fire safety with the costumed character Hot Dog and the New Jersey Devils, warm hearted mascot Rob Peters. Next on the magnificent entertainment list was our very own acclaimed violinist Kathy Kienke and several young (5-7 years of age) violinists, who performed with expertise. The final act arrived with the dynamic guitar vocalist Joel Landy, whose performance was superb.

         A grand thank you is extended to one and all of the tremendous volunteers, i.e. Vicky Sprante, FedEx Manager, Oliver David, FedEx Assistant Manager, Lea Reagan, Assistant Personal Trainer at the NY Health & Racquet Club and Andrea & Ricardo Cannizzo.

         Our new sponsors deserve a round of accolades and applause, i.e. Siggi’s Yogurt, Bulova Watch Company, Majorica Jewelry, New York Racing Association, Domino’s Pizza at 3rd Ave. & 110th St. A grand and enormous thank you to our parade of dream team sponsors who participated in this spectacular Holiday of Miracles event:

ABM Janitorial Services - a great company supporting kids in need
Avanti Nails & Spa - nails and spa on the right avenue
Azucar/Guantanamera Restaurant - a lively restaurant with great food
Bamboo 52 - the restaurant and bar for the upbeat in-crowd
Bread Factory 935 8th Avenue - the gourmet incentive with the magical touch
Broadway Comedy Club - laughter is the best medicine
Bulova Watch Company - the right time for one and all
Caché - prestigious and deluxe fashions with a flair
Carmine's Restaurant - incredible Italian food
Cascina Ristorante - a visit to Italy is not necessary after eating here
Chase Bank - you always have a friend at Chase
D'Agostino's - a caring supermarket for kids in need
Delancey Dessert Company - unbeatable for desserts
Dominos 110St. & Third Ave. - a mouthwatering pizza to delight children and adults
Duane Reade - first and foremost, the best in New York
Elizabeth Arden - great cosmetics, toiletries and a beautiful handbag for one of our mothers
Esprit - a global store with the right spirit
Face of Stockholm - a skin care products for a perfect face
Fuji Film - always reflect a good image
Godiva Chocolatier - the adrenaline shot for everyone's taste buds
Gristedes - a special supermarket that extends a helping hand
Judith Ripka - a fashion designer of fine jewelry that stands out as a great dynamic humanitarian
Leone’s Pizza - an inspiration to both mind and stomach
Lilly Pulitzer - a deluxe fashion delight
Lord & Taylor - a kaleidoscope of deluxe items from a prestigious store
M&S Jewelry Manufacturing - proof that diamonds are a girl's best friend
Majorica Jewelry - lustrous pearls that reflect aristocracy
Matles Florist - nature's best
Matt's Grill - St. Patrick's Day 365 days a year
Nail Stage 915 8th Avenue - the artistic flair of producing beautiful hands with professional care
Natural Gourmet Institute - organic and healthy food for one and all
New Jersey Devils - an award winning hockey team
New York Racing Association - always on fast track
New York Tennis & Racquet Club - a prestigious health club
Nice Matin - an ultra deluxe French Restaurant with an upbeat flavor
PepsiCola - support in all endeavors
Pepsi Bottling Company of NY - always uplifting and satisfaction to all
Pilo Arts - a great company with a heart of gold
Principle Business Systems - providing satisfactory pleasure to one's feet
Quaker Oats - a well established company that stands by nutrition and wellness
Richard McDonald - a man with a golden heart
Sephora - a better appearance with products by Sephora
Siggi’s Incredible Organic Yogurt - a nutritional delight
Signs and Decal - a company with a heart of gold
Staples - a great store with items for all needs
Stiles Farmers Market - the nutritional love of your life
Swarovski - a precious stone that reflects a prestigious precious company
Time Sports International/NY Sports Club - the way to stay fit and healthy
Tropicana - a nutritious drink for one and all
Very Good Things - the title speaks for itself
Vice Versa Handmade Art Bags - deluxe evening purse fashion designer

        A nine year old child in a wheelchair was given several gifts, making her smile with delight. She asserted, “Come back soon. You’re an angel.” Our fortieth event was truly a memorable day of miracles with unparalleled joy and laughter for one and all.

        “Reach for a star and you will be blessed with a galaxy, TM” by Eve Fenton.

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